Monday, April 13, 2009
After a few aborted attempts, I'm finally getting serious about blogging. So before I get going I should probably introduce myself...

I'm a Development Manager at IBM. Until recently I managed UI Frameworks within the Information Platform and Solutions Division. Now I'm managing a new product (yet to be announced so I can't give any more details). I'm also an avid Eclipse user and developer. I'm an expert on SWT including custom component development which led me to create the Eclipse Nebula project. The custom Grid component (among others) is 98% my sweat and tears. I've since moved on and don't participate much in Nebula anymore.

Today my work includes forays into AJAX (Dojo) and RIAs including Flex. This blog will focus on those topics mostly and the battle for developer hearts and minds among AJAX, the Open Web, RIAs, Flex, Microsoft, et al.


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