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Thursday, August 19, 2010
We're proud to announce the public beta of ReviewMate, the best (in our opinion) code review tool for Eclipse.

ReviewMate is different from other code review tools because it allows you to add comments right in the context of the code itself. No more entering code comments in awkward forms. Simply highlight a few lines of code, click the Comment button, and your new comment bubble will appear in the right margin.

Thanks to ReviewMate's innovative technique for code formatting, almost any programming language can be handled by the ReviewMate editor. Even formats like HTML and SQL. If you're Eclipse IDE can format the file, so can ReviewMate.

Check out the ReviewMate page on and sign up for the free public beta.


  • Mariot Chauvin

    I like the UI (See What about integration with other tools such as mylyn (for instance to add the review as a new task) ?

  • Chris Aniszczyk

    Hey Chris, the Mylyn Reviews project is starting out and is doing work in this area. I'm not sure what your business model is yet but it may be interesting to collaborate in this area.

  • Chris Gross

    @Mariot - looks like we had similar ideas! We haven't yet delved into integration with other tools.

    @Chris - We're intending to offer ReviewMate as a commercial product so I'm not sure how we could collaborate but we'd be open to any discussions.

  • Unknown

    Show how exactly do you share reviews from one developer to another?

  • Chris Gross

    Reviews are stored in a file (.rvw) and that file can be shared in your source repository. The .rvw file contains both the comments and the code snapshots.

  • Chris Gross

    p.s. We consider this a selling point as some other review systems require a complex server application. With ReviewMate, you just check in/out the reviews from your source code repository.

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